Stephanie always had an interest in tattoos, covering a good portion of her body with art and design. Discovering the world of cosmetic tattooing was an opportunity for a beautiful blend of her previous success in the beauty industry and her desire for a venture into tattooing. Stephanie has trained with some of the best in the cosmetic tattoo industry, including Amber Harrison in the US, and Madeline Kate in Australia. Her continued passion for education and improvement keep her constant in honing and perfecting her techniques in the tattoo world. As owner of Lumen Ink, she hopes to provide all her clientele with the inner and outer confidence tattoos can expose.

IG: @stephdoesbrows



Reid has been creating his own style of tattoos for several years. His contemporary designs are one of a kind, both whimsical and solid. Reid creates flash art and custom text within his own style. He is always exploring and pushing boundaries within his artistic realm! 

IG: @sketchymidwesty



Kris is creative, curious, and queer with a love of learning, community, and healing. Her background includes organic farming, illustration, shoe repair, and getting healthy after chronic illness.

Style-wise she gravitates towards plants, animals, spiritual icons, monsters, and  mushrooms. "I like the line between hard and soft aesthetic and mixing them together. I like silly stuff too."

She's here to have fun, make art, and provide the people who come through the shop with a kind, stabby, and meaningful experience. 

IG: @knoble.tattoos