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Stephanie always had an interest in tattoos, covering a good portion of her body with art and design. Discovering the world of cosmetic tattooing was an opportunity for a beautiful blend of her previous success in the beauty industry and her desire for a venture into tattooing. Steph has trained with some of the best in the cosmetic tattoo industry, including Amber Harrison in the US, and Madeline Kate in Australia. When it comes to body tattooing, Steph loves to create small, dainty pieces. As owner of Lumen Ink, she hopes to provide all her clientele with the inner and outer confidence tattoos can expose.

IG: @stephdoestattoos

About the Artists: Tattoo Services


Kris is creative, curious, and queer with a love of learning, community, and healing. Her background includes organic farming, illustration, shoe repair, and getting healthy after chronic illness.

Style-wise she gravitates towards plants, animals, spiritual icons, monsters, and  mushrooms. "I like the line between hard and soft aesthetic and mixing them together. I like silly stuff too."

She's here to have fun, make art, and provide the people who come through the shop with a kind, stabby, and meaningful experience. 

IG: @easy_peezy_pokes

To book with Kristin, please watch her Instagram for updates on her books opening. 

About the Artists: Tattoo Services


Lily is a fine line, black and grey artist with a flare for the details. She loves tattooing plants and animals, as well as ornamental designs that compliment the body. Looking to always expand her art, she finds inspiration all around her, channeling it into her work. She wants to continue to grow and incorporate more bold work as time goes on.

Working with clients and creating something that feels more like an uncovering rather than an addition is the highlight for Lily!

Lily enjoys movies and tv and is always down to talk about Love Island. Silent appointments are always on the table though, if you prefer to lay back and chill during your session. 

IG: @lilyktattoo

To book with Lily, please watch her Instagram for updates on her books opening. For information on how to book, click her "booking" highlight. 

About the Artists: Tattoo Services


Jazz decided to begin her journey into the tattoo industry after many years of painting. She wants to push the boundaries of contemporary art and tattooing. Jazz loves to collide multiple styles, like neo-traditional and illustrative tattoos, with bold colors, creating themes of surrealism in her work. 

Not only does she love creating, Jazz is also an extremely adventurous person! She loves to be outdoors, travel, and meet new people. 

IG: @jazzchaotatz

About the Artists: Tattoo Services


Dana has always been an artistic and creative individual. Originally from Dayton, OH, she studied and worked in funeral service before beginning her tattoo journey in 2021. 

Tattoos have a special place in her heart and she is honored everyday to put her designs on her clients bodies. She has always loved and supported art of all forms and feels very lucky to be able to make it her career. 

Dana ranges from fine-line to more bold, traditional work. She likes to draw inspiration for her designs from nature and spooky elements. Black and grey style is her favorite, and she'd love to do more of this style in the future!

IG: @dana.of.the.dead

About the Artists: Tattoo Services


Po loves drawing and tattooing silly stuff! He's been drawing what people call "ignorant art" his whole life, on everything he owned. He puts his designs through a laugh test; if a design doesn't pull a smile or laugh out of him he kicks it to the curb. 

Po really enjoys watching anime and reading manga, and loves tattooing them too! 

He has been exploring fine line as well, where he free hand draws his own floral designs. 

The experience of making clients comfortable is very important to Po. He enjoys getting to know his client and joking around with them throughout the process, making the session less stressful for everyone involved! He cannot wait to see where tattooing take him and his art. 

IG: @potat_oh_chip

About the Artists: Tattoo Services
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